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We take pride in our high-quality tree services. Our services encompass everything it takes to ensure the healthy growth of trees. That includes soil management, proper stump removal, pruning, trimming, etc.

First and foremost, you should always ensure that your local tree experts have the credentials to work in the field. Since tree maintenance looks rather easy, many people try to offer services before undergoing proper training. As a result, they could end up causing damage to your garden or worse, ruining the quality of the soil.

Tree maintenance is a science in and of itself. For example, the soil has to be tested for sufficient nutrients, weeds have to be spotted and removed quickly, and young plants have to be pruned if they are to grow into healthy trees. If you fail to choose the right company, you might lose a lot of money and gain nothing in return.

Also, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a breathtaking garden view, irrespective of their income background. So, we made sure all our services are affordable.

That draws attention to another point — even if you notice that a tree on the streets is dying, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Dying trees can cause life-threatening accidents. For instance, a branch could fall off without a warning and injure a passerby.

We are also a fully licensed and certified company, which means you won’t have to worry about a thing!.

Further, we cater to both residential and commercial clients. So, whether it’s your home backyard or an office garden, our tree experts can take care of your landscaping needs. After all, a pretty garden only improves property value (and first impressions!)

We are based in Rockford, Illinois. If you’re from this region and you’d like to have your soil tested a dead tree removed, all you have to do is reach out to us. Our tree experts will cater to your needs in no time. In fact, we are available at any time.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree — whether dead or alive — is a decision you must make under certain circumstances. For instance, people remove living and healthy trees when they are blocking a building or utility wires. As for dying or dead trees, as we already mentioned, removing them is crucial to prevent accidents caused by falling branches.

However, removing a tree is not something anyone can do, especially if it is a large tree. Usually, it requires special ropes and equipment which only tree service companies like ours have. Fortunately, our tree experts have received professional training in dealing with all possible hindrances when removing a tree.
For example, before we begin the tree removal, we first assess whether the tree is living or dead. In case it is dying or dead, we will have to remove its branches first. Otherwise, the branches could snap without a warning and result in life-threatening injuries.

Further, considering how hazardous tree removal can be, we ensure that we have established two escape routes from either side of the tree. That way, we know where to run in case the tree starts falling in our direction.

Finally, we also provide tree clearance service, which is not the same as tree removal. For example, after the tree is cut down, it could be used as firewood. In that case, the logs will have to be cut by a professional, to prevent mishaps.

Our company considers all that we just stated before we provide our tree removal estimate. As you can see, removing a tree is not something anyone should try. If you’re thinking about doing it on your own, we sincerely advise you against it.

Tree Trimming

Trimming and pruning are two ways to instantly uplift any landscape. But did you know that there is a subtle difference between the two? Trimming is to simply reduce the density of bushes so that more sunlight and moisture can reach the ground. Usually, people trim trees to make their surroundings more attractive.

Pruning, on the other hand, is to selectively remove the broken or dying branches so that the tree’s life can be extended. Even the tools used for pruning and trimming are not the same.

You might think that chopping off branches is something anyone can do, and you’re right. However, you will need professional trimmers like us to do the job if the branches are too high or near utility wires. That is why our team consists of tree experts who are also professional climbers.
Moreover, we will have a better idea of what the end result should look like. If you’re not familiar with landscaping, you might end up ruining your garden by trying to do the job on your own. After all, landscaping is an art that requires proper honing before it can be practiced.

Finally, different trees follow different growth patterns. If you chop off any branches during a critical stage of growth, that could result in the death of the tree. We, as arborists, can tell which stage of growth each tree is in, before pruning or trimming it.

Therefore, if you are from Illinois and you think the trees in your garden require trimming or pruning, we might be able to help you. Our tree experts know the timetables of each type of tree available, so there is no need to fear a poor job that results in the death of the tree

Tree Cutting

If the tree is near a building, is dying or is leaning opposite to the direction you want it to fall, you must get a professional tree cutter to fell it, i.e., to take it down.

When it comes to felling trees, our team pays special attention to certain things. For example, we make sure we take appropriate safety measures (in case of accidents), proper protective gear, a rope, ladder, and cutting equipment. We also take the right amount of time to plan a proper course of action so that we know which direction to escape in case the tree falls our way.

Moreover, cutting big trees has its own procedure which our tree experts are familiar with. In fact, before even starting to fell the tree, it should be checked for decay. In case the tree is decaying, cutting it down would be much easier than when it is fully alive.

Plus, cutting down trees takes a really long time, usually up to an entire day. That is because after cutting the bark in the right places, the tree should be “limbed.” That means the individual branches should be removed, which is another way of preventing accidents.

Finally, once the tree is cut down, it will leave behind a stump which needs to be taken care of as well.

Therefore, it can be inferred that tree cutting is not as simple as it sounds. The different types of trees require different types of cutting too. As arborists, we will be able to do a perfect job for you, and that could save you a lot of trouble, effort and time.

Stump Removal & Grinding

After a tree has been felled, it leaves behind a portion of its bark, which is called the stump. Since the roots are still intact, there is a chance the stump might re-grow into a tree. That would be desirable or undesirable based on the reason why you felled the tree in the first place. If it was because the tree was blocking the way or tampering with utility wires, then it would be better to remove the stump.

Many people choose to remove a stump for other reasons as well. For example, it could be an eyesore, unnecessarily take up space and could be dangerous, especially if you have kids.

Unfortunately, getting rid of tree stumps is not as easy as pulling it out of the ground.

So, how do we remove them? Usually, we dig the stump out or grind it. Some people even resort to using chemicals which would cause the stump to decay. However, that method takes a really long time.

Generally, stump removal demands special equipment that is costly to rent and the task itself is very time-consuming. So, if you’re urgently looking for a way to get rid of a stump, we will be able to help you with that.

We usually charge separately for stump removal because it could be even more taxing than cutting down the entire tree. However, keeping our bills affordable for our customers is one of our top priorities. So, you have no reason to be concerned about unreasonably high bills when working with us.

Arborist Services

Our team consists of professionals who are experts in managing different types of trees and in the field of horticulture. Our expertise lies in ensuring the healthy growth of every individual tree, unlike foresters who manage entire forests.

Arborist services could range from large gardens or ecological communities to smaller backyards. What we can do is protect your trees from developing any diseases or causing harm to the people around. Further, we will also remove anything that could affect the growth of the tree such as weed or hazardous species.

Sometimes, our work takes a more dangerous turn, especially when working with taller trees as that requires climbing. Therefore, an arborist’s job isn’t something everyone can do. It requires professional training and education, which every member of our team has received. That is why we are able to provide proper tree disease treatment and control.

We are ISA certified arborists. That means our team went through three years of professional training and passed extensive examinations before we started practice.

So, if you’re a tree lover or you take great pride in your garden, you might want to make sure all your trees are in good shape. Sometimes, a sick tree may not show any signs until it’s too late, that is why we offer inspection and consultation services as well. Further, we also provide pruning and planting services. So, you can build your garden the way you like, from scratch.